Clubs and Enrichment

Education at The Marches School radiates well beyond the classroom. Independent study is encouraged, and staff and facilities are accessible to facilitate and support this.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

The extensive range of clubs and extra-curricular activities take place during lunchtimes and after school and include offers from PE, Music, Drama, IT, English, History, Science and beyond.

All at The Marches School are encouraged to get involved with a range of activities. We want all students to challenge themselves and try something new and unusual.

School life is about much more beyond academic achievement. Engagement with our provision will allow students to develop important life skills, develop time management, diversify interests, learn about resilience and commitment, contribute to school life, raise self-esteem and develop relationships.

Activities change from term to term depending on the seasons and popularity of individual clubs.

The Local Learning Area

Visits/activities within the ‘Local Learning Area’ that are part of the normal curriculum and take place during the normal school day.

These visits/activities do not require parental consent, but school will notify parents of a trip in advance.

The boundaries of the Local Learning Area include, but is not limited to, the following frequently used venues: e.g.

  • Oswestry Museum
  • Oswestry Library, churches
  • Oswestry – Morda River, road surveys etc
Shrek Design
Basketball Club
Voice Box 
KS4 & KS5 Art and Photography
Code Club
Year 9 Football
Guitar Club
Computer Science drop in
VI Form Football Training
Year 11 Football
Years 8, 9 and 10 Netball
Fitness Centre Girls only
Badminton Club
Years 7 Boys’ Rugby
KS3 Art Attack
Years 7 Netball
Hub Club
Tarde de Cine
Eco Club
Senior Choir
Boys Choir
School Production
Fitness Centre
GCSE Music Club
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