Alex Cookson

“I left the Marches in July 2007 and continued with my education at college. I then studied at the University of Southampton and I have recently graduated with a first class honours MSci degree.

I am now working as a Geologist at Leni Gas and Oil (LGO). I work on a range of data such as seismic lines, well logs, borehole cores, geological maps, literature etc., and use them to interpret the surface geology of an exploration area. From my interpretation and knowledge of the petroleum system I look for areas of hydrocarbon potential. If economical, exploration wells are drilled in these areas and any economical hydrocarbon reservoirs are put into production. My company manages both the exploration and production of a prospect, which means I am involved in the full cycle of the petroleum industry.

With regards to advice for students looking at pursuing a similar career, I would recommend studying A Level Geology (however it is not a prerequisite at most Universities) and the MSci Geology course at the University of Southampton. For going into the industry, Southampton is a better choice than Oxbridge, which is more geared for those wanting to persue a career in academia.

As for the Marches, I couldn’t have got where I am now without my GCSEs. Also extra-curricular activities, like music, which I started whilst at the Marches look great on a CV and make you stand out against applicants for any role”.