Hello to our new Year 7 students. We know that this is a new way of introducing you to our school but we hope you’ll enjoy taking part in the activities during transition week.

We want you to feel happy about joining us in September so if you have any questions that are not answered on this page over the coming days and weeks, please email Mr Kemble who will be more than happy to help you kemble.m@mar.mmat.org.uk

Our webpage will be updated with lots of information on transport, lunches, uniform and much more, so keep popping back as we update the information over the upcoming weeks.

Virtual Transition

Welcome to our virtual transition week. We would have loved to see you at The Marches School this week but instead we are bringing our school and staff to you. We have created lots of activities for you to have a go at during this week. We will be continually updating our webpage so please keep popping back. There will be some videos too on our Facebook page @marchesschool – have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you in September.

General Information, Advice and Videos from our School

Here you’ll find some general information, advice and tips to help you with starting school in September.

We hope you find this helpful!

Our 2021/2022 Parent Guide

  • Welcome to the Marches School from
    Mrs Pearson our Headteacher 

  • Welcome from Mr Kemble 

  • How to use our cashless payment system

    In school, students pay for items using their
    finger which is loaded with money using
    machines located around school.

  • Year 6 challenge – hand stand

    We want you to engage with us over the coming
    weeks so thought we’d set a challenge for you to
    have a go at. Send your videos in via email to

  • Attendance Information 

    Mr Kemble explains why attendance is so important.

  • Meet our Leadership Group team!


  • Medical and Student Services

    Mrs Bradley and Mr Ward introduce you to
    Medical and Student Services.

  • Miss Phillips explains all you need to
    know about our uniform standards.

  • Charlie and Chloe answer your questions

    If you have any other questions we haven’t covered
    in this video just ask us. We’re here to help

  • What is the House System?

    This video explains what our house system
    is and where the house names originate from.

  • Meet one of our House Leaders

  • House Competitions!

    We run lots of house competitions that
    you’ll all be involved in.

  • 2019/20 Highlights

    A taster of what you can look forward too!

  • Lateral flow testing 

Connect with us

We’d love you to follow our Facebook page @marchesschool where we will update you with information on moving to The Marches School in September.