Rewards Shop

The Rewards Shop has been open since November and students have been purchasing treats with their points.

We have had our first mocktails and cake from the ICT Department, which the students found to be ‘fantastic’ and thoroughly enjoyed the mocktails and cake provided.

Sister Act tickets have been kindly gifted by Performing Arts, with some still remaining on the shop. The photo shows Connie, Head Girl, who is also in the production gifting the reward to some lucky purchasers.

Shlurp has generously supported our scheme again this year and we have vouchers available on the shop for those that earn enough reward points in future. We know how ‘in demand’ these are amongst our students so we thank Shlurp for their donation.

We are always looking for any future options for our reward shops, and would appreciate any feedback or support so please contact us.


Posted by marchesadmin on 10th February 2020, under Marches

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