Welcome to House

House is about working together, supporting each other to take on new challenges – aiming to aim high and reach for the top. For this reason, the five house names come from British “firsts” for Everest climbers’. 

Mallory (the first British person to get onto the mountain) 

Bonington (the leader of the first successful team to reach the summit via the South West face) 

Stephens (the first British woman to reach the summit) 

Hargreaves (the first British woman to reach the summit alone and without supplementary oxygen)  

Whittaker (the first disabled British person to reach the summit, climbing without a right foot) 

All staff throughout the school and students across years 7 – 11 are divided into the 5 houses, with an equal mix of houses in each year group.  

Throughout the year we have a diverse range of events to challenge everyone and to build participation and encourage support each other, celebrating each other’s success and build belonging. 

As well as points for placings, students earn participation points so everyone can get involved. 

Recent House challenges include: 

Healthy Bake Off 

The Tug of War 

Year 7 Spelling Bee 

Coding Challenge 

Climb the Burj 

Christmas Card Design Competition 

Sports Day 

At the end of the year the House Cup is awarded and the winning house enjoy a celebration of their choice such as a BBQ for an afternoon in the summer. 

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